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Lumbar Fusion Specialist

Mark R Grubb, M.D. -  - Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon

Northeast Ohio Spine Center

Mark R Grubb, M.D.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon located in Akron, OH

If you have chronic lower back pain due to a severe fracture or scoliosis, you may be a candidate for lumbar spinal fusion surgery. As an expert spine surgeon, Mark Grubb, MD, offers minimally invasive lumbar fusion surgery at Northeast Ohio Spine Center in Akron, Ohio. Dr. Grubb can resolve your chronic back pain while ensuring you receive the highest degree of surgical care before, during, and after your fusion. Schedule a consultation to find out if lumbar spinal fusion surgery is right for you by calling Northeast Ohio Spine Center or by requesting an appointment online today.

Lumbar Spinal Fusion Q & A

What is lumbar spinal fusion?

Lumbar spinal fusion is a type of minimally invasive surgery that focuses on stabilizing your lumbar, or lower, spine. The goal of this surgery is to limit movements of painful vertebrae to relieve chronic pain in your lower back. 

You may be a candidate for a lumbar spinal fusion if you have chronic lower back pain and disability due to underlying degenerative conditions, spinal deformities, or injuries. Some conditions Dr. Grubb treats with lumbar spinal fusion surgery include:

  • Fractures
  • Scoliosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Congenital spine abnormalities

To determine if you’re a candidate for lumbar spinal fusion surgery, Dr. Grubb reviews your medical history and physically examines your spine. He may also request on-site diagnostic imaging tests like X-rays to evaluate your overall spine health. 

What’s involved in lumbar spinal fusion surgery?

During lumbar spinal fusion surgery, Dr. Grubb focuses on joining two or more vertebral segments into one solid structure. 

To access your lumbar spine, Dr. Grubb makes small incisions in your back and uses specialized surgical tools to fuse the damaged vertebrae together with a bone graft. He takes a piece of bone from your hip or another part of your body to connect, or fuse, the vertebral structures together.

After placing the graft, the bone material continues to fuse together, forming one piece of bone. This fusion occurs naturally over time, and once healed, the solid piece of bone stabilizes your lumbar spine and limits the motion between your vertebrae to prevent pain. Dr. Grubb may also insert plates, rods, or screws to ensure your spine is stable.

How long does it take to heal from lumbar spinal fusion surgery?

Everyone heals differently following lumbar spinal fusion surgery. You can expect to need time off from work and physical activities as you heal. 

Dr. Grubb may recommend that you wear a brace to keep your spine still and promote healing of the surgical site. The incisions he uses during surgery are small and you can expect a faster healing time and less pain than you would with open surgery. 

To ensure you heal fully, Dr. Grubb continues to monitor your recovery through follow-up appointments. You may benefit from physical therapy soon after surgery to strengthen the muscles that support your spine and enhance your healing process. 

To find out if you’re a candidate for lumbar fusion surgery, call Northeast Ohio Spine Center or request a diagnostic evaluation online today.